Todd C. Williams
President eCameron, Author Rescue the Problem Project
833 NW 24th Ave

1 (360) 834-7361
+1 (360) 521-9051
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Miscellaneous Information:

A strong comprehensive strategic foundation coupled with operational excellence allows companies to build the capabilities to thrive. Todd Williams’ goal is to improve how companies implement their strategic plans. Utilizing twenty-five years of experience he helps companies turn their vision into value.

His team at eCameron, whose mantra is “Strategy, People, Process, and then Technology,” specializes in rescuing projects and helping organizations drive business value from their strategy.

As an expert witness, and author of Rescue the Problem Project, he defines a project audit and recovery process for rescuing red projects that focuses on root cause correction and prevention.

He also writes for The CEO Magazine, American Management Association, his own Back From Red blog, and contributes to numerous other publications, including Fortune/CNN Money, CIO Update, ZDNet, Enterprising CIO, and IT Business Edge. He also an internationally acclaimed speaker doing over 40 presentations a year throughout the United States, Canada, and European Union.

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